About us

In todays globalized world, anyone has the opportunity to find customers whenever and wherever they want. Still, too many small business owners merely focus on local markets, or simply don’t know how to find overseas customers. According to a survey by the Businessweek, 46% of Americas small sized companies don’t export because they don’t know where to start. Export2asia’s mandate is to support these companies grow beyond the borders of their nations, changing the trend and mindset to look for expansion and export opportunities in Asia.

Who we are

fredrik-125Fredrik Groenkvist is a Swedish entrepreneur and has been settled in Shanghai, China, since the year of 2009. He has been a limited partner for several enterprises, working with Sourcing & Production for European markets, as well as with exports to Asian countries including China, South Korea and Singapore.



Ivan Malloci has been based in China since 2010 and is the co-founder and limited partner of He owns a Master degree in Electronic engineering and a Ph.D. in Control systems. In the past, he contributed to develop the hot strip mill control system of ArcelorMittal, the world’s leading steelmaker, and worked as a university researcher in France and China.


Marcus-125Marcus Sohlberg returned to Gothenburg, Sweden, in 2011 where he graduated with a BSc in Mechanical engineering in 2012. He is working as a Sales engineer & Project coordinator within the Automotive industry. Prior to the graduation he lived in Shanghai, China, working as an Account manager for Chinese-and foreign owned companies.