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Managing Orders on Lazada: A Complete Guide for Cross-Border Sellers


Handling orders timely on Lazada is crucial to avoid cancellations, reduce lead times, and improve customer satisfaction.

In fact, too high order cancellations can lead to a scenario where Lazada puts your store in “holiday mode”.

Thus, it’s important that you understand how to manage orders on Lazada, before you even get started selling products.

In this article, you’ll learn the following:

  • How you can receive orders from customers on Lazada
  • How to communicate with Lazada when receiving orders
  • Process when receiving orders
  • How to manage returns and failed deliveries
  • Acceptable reasons for order cancellations

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Managing Customer Returns & Failed Deliveries on Lazada


If you’re based outside of Asia and plan to sell cross-border on Lazada, you probably wonder how you can deal with customer returns and failed deliveries.

Who will take care of the parcels and is it even possible to get them back?

Luckily, you don’t need to have any presence in Asia at all (including Hong Kong). The whole process can be managed with the help of Lazada’s logistics services and with a separate 3PL company.

In this article, you’ll learn the following:

  • Acceptable reasons for customer returns on Lazada
  • The process for customer returns and failed deliveries
  • How to manage returns and failed deliveries for cross-border sales
  • Lazada’s re-routing process for failed deliveries

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Lazada Seller Center: The Ultimate Guide for Cross-Border Sellers


Getting started on Lazada is easy. You won’t need more than a copy of your ID and a business certificate, then you’re ready to go.

Still, being a cross-border seller on Lazada requires a bit of DIY, as you’re responsible to manage your products in Lazada’s so called “Seller Center”.

Before you start selling on Lazada, it’s important that you understand how to manage your Seller Center. It’s crucial to avoid mistakes that can result in de-listed products, increased returns, and bad customer ratings, especially as a new seller.

In this article, I explain what Lazada’s Seller Center is and how you can manage everything from product uploads, product pricing, customer returns, and more.

What is Lazada Seller Center?

In short words, Seller Center is a dashboard integrated in Lazada’s platform. Here, you can upload new products, manage product pricing, orders, deliveries, and customer returns.

Thus, before you can get access to your Seller Center, you need to become an official seller on Lazada and sign all the paperwork needed.

The Seller Center is fairly easy to navigate, but it can be preferable to have a helping hand in the start, to save time and reduce mistakes.

As mentioned, it’s easy to get started on Lazada, especially when comparing to many Chinese marketplaces, like Tmall Global. Here, sellers often need to hire so called Tmall Partners that manage the stores for them continuously.

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11.11 & 12.12 – Lazada’s Yearly Sales Events: What Sellers Must Know


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Leveraging sales during campaigns can be very profitable. I think you haven’t gone unnoticed of Black Friday, while Cyber Monday might seem new to you.

I often get contacted but companies that do their utmost to sell products cross-border on Tmall Global before 11.11. Nowadays, you’ll even find retail stores in Australia and Sweden that offer discounts during 11.11.

So what is 11.11, and maybe more interestingly, 12.12? In this article, I explain more about these events and how you can increase sales massively by joining these successful sales campaigns.

First, let’s have a brief overview of what 11.11 and 12.12 really mean practically.

What is 11.11?

11.11, November 11th, is the (unofficial) Single’s Day in China and celebrated among millions of young Chinese people, who take “pride of being single”.

In the past years, Alibaba Group (the owner of Tmall and Lazada) has started to use 11.11 to launch massive sales campaigns and seen great success. It’s moved over the Chinese borders to Southeast Asian countries.

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Shipping Products with Lazada Global Shipping (LGS): A Complete Guide


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We’ve already written a number of articles explaining how it works with payment methods on Lazada, about fulfillment, fees & commissions, and more.

Truth be told, it’s easy to get started and to start selling here, at least when comparing to many Chinese marketplaces.

If you plan to sell on Lazada, you’ll need to use either Lazada’s own shipping services, or get in touch with a third party that can help you out. Personally, I’d go for the first choice.

In this article, I explain about Lazada’s shipping solution and what benefits this can bring you.

What is LGS (Lazada Global Shipping)?

LGS is Lazada’s own in-house shipping solution, solely dedicated to cross-border sellers.

You’re probably familiar with the term cross-border by now, but let’s have a quick recap. Practically speaking, you ship your products from overseas (f.e. The US or Europe) to Lazada’s fulfillment center in Hong Kong.

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Pricing Products on Lazada: A Complete Guide for Cross-Border Sellers


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Setting prices for online products can sound easier than it is. I know it from personal experiences when working with clients.

In case you sell cross-border on Lazada, you not only deal with six different markets, there are also a number of important sales events in each country.

Not only do you need to work around different currencies, but also get the discount levels right.

In this article, I won’t go into detail regarding how much you should discount your products. But, you’ll learn many other important things that can increase sales and reduce the risks of getting products delisted.

The components that build up your total product price

First of all, let’s have a look at the different parts that make up your total product price. As shown by Lazada:

Product cost + Commission + Payment service fees + Shipping + Tax/Duty + Other fees + Profit = Final Price

And a short explanation about each:

Product cost

The costs you need to pay when you produce or procure a product.


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Product Restrictions when Selling Cross-Border on Lazada


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Selling cross-border on Lazada gives you access to six, or at least five, rapidly growing nations in ASEAN (sure, we can exclude Singapore when using that term).

Yet, before becoming excited and going into detailed planning, it’s important that you assure whether your products can even be sold on Lazada.

Not only does Lazada have requirements due to internal policies. As a matter of fact, ASEAN countries are not equally developed, have different customs processes, import regulations, religions, and cultures.

In this article, I explain about product restrictions when selling cross-border on on Lazada.

Just a comment before we start: Keep in mind that regulations change frequently and you should contact Lazada, or sign up to become a seller, for up-to-date information.

What products are not allowed to be sold on Lazada?

I’ve divided the sections into general prohibited items by country, country specific prohibited items, counterfeit/replica goods, and second hand goods.

This is for us to have a better overview and the same structure Lazada uses when presenting their requirements. Let’s have a look.

1. General prohibited items in all ventures (not exhaustive)

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Fees & Commissions when Selling on Lazada: The Definitive Guide


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Opening a store on Lazada can be a great choice for companies that look to expand to Asian markets. China is not your only choice.

One of the benefits of selling cross-border on Lazada is that you instantly reach six countries in ASEAN, with a total population in the hundreds of millions. The second benefit is the low upfront and running costs that comes with it.

In this article, you’ll learn about the following when selling cross-border on Lazada:

  • Upfront fees
  • Payment service fees
  • Commissions
  • Shipping fees

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Top Selling Products on Lazada: The Ultimate Guide


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Lazada offers millions of products to sellers all over ASEAN. Once you go to the websites, you’re blasted with promotions and flash sales opportunities.

I know, they want you to get into that shopping mode we’ve all experienced in big malls, for example.

Selling on Lazada can be lucrative if you sell the right products, offer good quality, and deliver on time.

Thus, many people wonder what the most popular products are on Lazada and how the trend will look like in the coming years.

In this article, I explain which products that are top sellers on Lazada in Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, and Indonesia.

1. Best selling products on Lazada Malaysia

Malaysia has really embraced E-Commerce and where Lazada is the most popular marketplace at the moment. The trend is similar as in China where mum & baby products, electronics, clothes & accessories, and groceries are in high demand.

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Lazada vs Tmall Global: A Complete Guide for Cross-Border Sellers


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E-Commerce will grow by far the most in Asia in the coming decade where China will lead the way, backed by ASEAN. Numerous foreign companies are aware of this and want a piece of these lucrative markets.

Yet, before you go into detailed planning, it’s important that you understand the requirements, costs, and opportunities for each country or region.

Today, you’ll learn about the differences between the biggest E-Commerce website in ASEAN, Lazada, and one of the biggest cross-border websites in China, Tmall Global.

First, let me give you a brief explanation about the websites before we get started.

What is Lazada?

Rocket Internet, a German incubator, founded Lazada in Singapore in 2012 and it has grown fast since.

Back then, Southeast Asia lacked online marketplaces like Amazon and Tmall that can be found in China and in the West. Thus, Rocket Internet saw a great opportunity.

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