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Exporting food products in China: Labeling and customs inspections

exporting food product in China labeling

Exports in China

China’s increased wealth has led to an clear increase in consumption of imported food and agricultural products. Chinese imports of U.S. food and agricultural products increased from US$12.1 billion in 2008 to US$25.9 billion in 2012. EU Food and Drink Exports to China is rising as well. This makes China the largest export market for agricultural products.

Entering the Chinese market requires leaving the premise that the sale of foodstuffs is constantly protected by detailed safeguards regarding security, health and information on the food product. In light of this, the entrepreneur who sells food products to buyers abroad must pay strict attention to the conformity of the products, to current regulations and necessary importation procedures. Continue Reading →

Export food to China and export your business overseas

Export food to China

The last years there’s been a strong media focus on China’s economic boom. The attention is not undeserved when the country with its population of 1,3 billion people has jumped to a second place of the richest countries in the World. A huge amount of capital has, and is currently, surging into China thanks to foreign investments. The middle- and upper class grow with a rapid pace, creating great opportunities to find customers now more capable of buying foreign products. One of the most noticeable product segments is food.
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