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JIS Marking – What it really means and why you need it when exporting parts to Japan


Imagine a scenario where you finally managed to ship that goods worth 10000 USD to Nagoya. Long time off work has finally paid off, but all of a sudden you get terrible news. The goods are rejected and seized by the Japanese Customs. In the best case, the goods are sent back, in the worst case demolished. I keep my fingers crossed that you will never experience a situation like this. But, it’s not rare for Western business owners to face these kind of issues when their products can’t meet required certification standards.

This article is dedicated to business owners who plan for exports to Japan, but never heard about the JIS-mark. In this guide I present valuable information concerning application processes, product categories that need the JIS-mark, testing and costs. But let me start with an introduction of the JIS-mark.

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Shipping to Japan – The short guide that presents the best freight option for your products

Shipping to Japan

To initiate exports to Japan is not always an easy task for small business owners who long for increased sales in the far East. If you plan for exports to Japan, I recommend you to read this short guide. I guide you through the benefits of using different freight options and present the import procedure to Japan. Let’s start with the latter one.

Export/import procedures to Japan

The Japanese Customs provides valuable information on their website. You can find information regarding certification, application procedures when exporting/importing goods, FAQ and lists that show goods with prohibition. Continue Reading →

Exporting to Japan – The complete guide

Export to Japan

Japan is the third richest country in the world, is highly developed and has a population of nearly 130 million people. With that information on hand, you know you have loads of opportunities to find customers there. Still, a majority of small European and American business owners merely focus on local markets and don’t grasp the opportunities to export to countries like Japan. I think it’s time for us to change that. In this article I present essential information that helps you to start exporting to Japan.
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