How to Export Products to the Philippines: A Complete Guide

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The Philippines has a population of around 120 million and grows at one of the highest rates in Asia. As disposable incomes increase and the country becomes more digitized, the demand for online shopping has increased exponentially.

Compared to China, the E-Commerce market is comparatively small though. Yet, by selling in multiple Southeast Asian countries on platforms like Lazada and Shopee, you get access to almost 700 million people.

Starting selling in the Philippines is comparatively cheap as well and you won’t have to pay significant large amounts to service providers like Tmall Partners.

As a result, selling in Southeast Asia and the Philippines offers sales opportunities to small companies, as well as medium and large-sized companies.

In this article, we review how you can start selling in the Philippines as a foreign company.

Topics covered:

  • Which products are in demand in the Philippines?
  • Top E-Commerce Platforms in the Philippines
  • Trade Fairs for Exporters
  • Shipping & Logistics

Which products are in demand in the Philippines?

A variety of products are in demand in the Philippines and the appetite for foreign products will just continue to increase over the years. Continue reading How to Export Products to the Philippines: A Complete Guide

Top 5 eCommerce Websites in Asia: A Complete Guide

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Cross-border E-Commerce is set to grow immensely in Asia in the coming decade.

At the same time as China has become the world’s biggest E-Commerce market, neighboring countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines grow at impressive rates.

With increased disposable incomes, mobile usage, and internet penetration, Asia will continue to be the most interesting eCommerce market in the world.

With that said, navigating new eCommerce markets can be a daunting task due to the many eCommerce websites available. In this article, I’ve listed the most popular and interesting eCommerce marketplaces in Asia.

1. Tmall Global (China)

China’s E-Commerce market is not only the biggest but one of the most developed in the World.

With a population of 1.4 billion and a surging middle class, it’s become three times bigger than the US E-Commerce market.

Here, Tmall Global (天猫国际) is undoubtedly one of the most popular cross-border E-Commerce websites.

Continue reading Top 5 eCommerce Websites in Asia: A Complete Guide

Top 5 eCommerce Websites in Korea

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Korea is a highly digitized and developed market where eCommerce has been around for since long back. In 2021, the eCommerce market is expected to become the third-biggest in the world, just behind China and the US.

With a strong purchasing power and a population of around 60 million, it’s not strange that many foreign brands want to enter the market.

Interestingly, most of the most popular eCommerce websites in Korea are less known in many foreign countries. Amazon, Lazada, and Tmall are far more common names in the eCommerce industry.

Entering the Korean eCommerce market can be challenging due to language issues and the limited information available about marketplaces. Therefore, we have written this article where we present the most popular eCommerce websites in Korea.

Let’s start with the most popular option.

1. G-Market

G-Market has kept the position as the biggest eCommerce marketplace in Korea and was established in 2000. The website was later acquired by eBay in 2009 that inevitably helped the company to expand even further. Today, 64% of the Korean population uses the website for online-purchases.

Interestingly, G-Market was the first Korean online-company to be listed on the NASDAQ in 2006 and it also offered its first website in English at the time. Popular products on the website include:

  • Fashion & Clothing
  • Accessories
  • Cosmetics and Beauty Products
  • Food and Beverages
  • Mom and Baby
  • Health/Diet
  • Electronics

Being the biggest eCommerce platform in Korea, you can almost find any kinds of products here. So how does G-Market earn money from sellers? Continue reading Top 5 eCommerce Websites in Korea

7 Top Selling Products on Tmall: A Complete Guide

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Tmall is the biggest eCommerce marketplace in China where you can find practically any kinds of products.

Its cross-border version, Tmall Global, is also highly popular for brands that want to ship products directly from overseas or bonded warehouses within China.

Foreign companies often ask what products are in demand on different Chinese marketplaces. Therefore, I’ve written this article where I list some of the most popular products among Chinese buyers on Tmall.

1. Fashion & Clothing

Tmall and Tmall Global are two of the most popular options for foreign brands that sell fashion products and clothes online in China.

By comparison, one of its biggest competitors, Jingdong (JD), focuses more on consumer electronics and kitchen appliances. Kaola, on the other hand, is bigger for food products, beverages, and supplements.

Nowadays, you can find various big multinational brands on Tmall including Fendi, Burberry, Nike, Adidas, and the list goes on.

Medium-sized brands also set up shops here now as Chinese millennials drive the eCommerce market and look for unique products.

(USA & EU)

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  • Selling on Tmall & Lazada
  • Logistics & fulfillment options
  • Payment gateways
  • Incorporation & trademarks


The fashion market is sensitive and competitive

The fashion industry is highly sensitive and big foreign brands have left Tmall with losses and results that didn’t meet expectations.

Continue reading 7 Top Selling Products on Tmall: A Complete Guide