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Exporting wine to Korea – How to get started


Are you an exporter of wine, but never thought about exporting wine to Korea? In this blog post, I present the increase of wine consumption in Korea and how you can prepare for profitable exports there. Literally speaking, the imports of wine has skyrocketed since 2000 and the trend won’t change for a long time to come. There are no incentives why you should turn your back to this fact when you can get a decent market share in Korea as well.
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Exporting clothes to China – The complete guide

Export clothes to China

In the past, most Chinese people bought their clothes exclusively from domestic brands. This trend is changing and the demand for Western clothes increase rapidly. It’s inevitable when bigger retailers like H&M can offer serious warranties and prices that compete with local Chinese companies’. Foreign companies see great opportunities for expansion when the Chinese people pursue better quality and social status. In this article I explain how you can start exporting clothes to China.
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