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Shipping Products with Lazada Global Shipping (LGS): A Complete Guide


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We’ve already written a number of articles explaining how it works with payment methods on Lazada, about fulfillment, fees & commissions, and more.

Truth be told, it’s easy to get started and to start selling here, at least when comparing to many Chinese marketplaces.

If you plan to sell on Lazada, you’ll need to use either Lazada’s own shipping services, or get in touch with a third party that can help you out. Personally, I’d go for the first choice.

In this article, I explain about Lazada’s shipping solution and what benefits this can bring you.

What is LGS (Lazada Global Shipping)?

LGS is Lazada’s own in-house shipping solution, solely dedicated to cross-border sellers.

You’re probably familiar with the term cross-border by now, but let’s have a quick recap. Practically speaking, you ship your products from overseas (f.e. The US or Europe) to Lazada’s fulfillment center in Hong Kong.

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China Free Trade Zones (FTZ): The Definitive Guide for Exporters


Since the first introduction of the first Free Trade Zone in Shanghai, the Chinese government has added a dozen new zones to the list, and have plans to further expand and create new zones.

It’s an important brick of the One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative, where China plans to develop infrastructure and invest in many countries in Africa, Asia, and Europe.

In this article, I explain the details you need to know about Free Trade Zones in China, what benefits these bring, why they were created in the first place, and more.

Definition of Free Trade Zone

Before we start, it’s important that you have a general understanding of what an FTZ is, and what benefits these zones brings.

In short words, FTZs are designated areas where foreign companies can engage in economic activities, that are generally not accepted elsewhere in the country.

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Shipping to Japan – The short guide that presents the best freight option for your products

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To initiate exports to Japan is not always an easy task for small business owners who long for increased sales in the far East. If you plan for exports to Japan, I recommend you to read this short guide. I guide you through the benefits of using different freight options and present the import procedure to Japan. Let’s start with the latter one.

Export/import procedures to Japan

The Japanese Customs provides valuable information on their website. You can find information regarding certification, application procedures when exporting/importing goods, FAQ and lists that show goods with prohibition. Continue Reading →