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How to Register a Trademark in Singapore: A Complete Guide


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Many exporters talk about the benefits of selling via cross border e-commerce to Chinese market. When I talk with companies who want to import to China, I often recommend them to have a look at other options.

It’s not easy nor cheap to enter the Chinese market, and E-commerce is growing strong elsewhere. Even if the competition can be more fierce in countries like Singapore, it can be worth to give it a try.

Before you start selling overseas, it’s important that you register your trademark. Therefore, I’ve written this guide that explains all the crucial information you need to know when registering a trademark in Singapore.

Singapore trademark law

In 1998, Singapore’s government passed the Singapore Trade Marks Act, to meet the Paris Convention. It’s a member of many other international conventions, such as:

  • Madrid Protocol
  • Nice Agreement
  • Patent Cooperation Treaty
  • WIPO Copyright Treaty

Singapore classifies products and services in accordance with the Nice Classification, sometimes referred to as the International Classification of Goods and Services (ICGS).

More than 150 countries, even including Mainland China, are members of the Nice Classification. This is a great benefit as countries can cooperate cross border, and support each other in case of any IP conflicts.

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Singapore’s E-Commerce On the Rise

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The following article and infograpghic is provided by Katie Paterson, of Dutch online coupon company,

In 2009, Singapore became the first country in Asia to be affected by the global recession, directly due to their prominent trading with various developed countries that had already been severely affected [1]. However, Singapore rapidly recovered from this economic slump, emerging from their brief period of crisis economically stronger than before. Contrary to plausible predictions that the recession would negatively affect consumer activity, online spending in fact experienced an impressive increase less than a year following the recession.

Indicative of this, Dutch online coupon company, have provided the following infographic, which shows online spending figures in Singapore rising rapidly immediately following the stock market collapse. The rate of retail e-commerce growth in Singapore is a clear indication of their strong recovery, as spending has risen from under $1 billion (SGD) in 2009 to around $3.5 billion in 2014, with spending still expected to increase further to $4.4 billion by 2015 [2]. Continue Reading →

Singapore e-commerce – The practical guide for small business owners

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People might question why I choose to write a blog post about e-commerce in a small country like Singapore. China’s e-commerce market is growing faster and receives more media exposure for sure. Though, one shall bear in mind that Singapore is a well-developed country and it’s easier to manage businesses there from many aspects. In this article I present how you can start an e-commerce business in Singapore today.
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