• Cost for CCC Certification in China: The Definitive Guide

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    Many SME’s get overwhelmed by all the acronyms that are used when doing some research about the standards required. The CCC mark is not an exception.

    Not only do they ask about what products that need the CCC mark. The 3 most common questions asked about the CCC certificate are:

    • How much does it cost to get the CCC?
    • How much time does it take?
    • Can I do it myself?

    Therefore, I’ve dedicated a complete article where I answer to these questions.

    How much does it cost to get a CCC certification?

    The answer to this question differ, depending on what products you want to sell in China. It also depends if you want to hire a professional company.

    In total, you should expect that the complete CCC certification process can cost you thousands of dollars.

    To start with, let’s have a look at the different things that will bring you a cost when applying for CCC.

    Costs to CNCA and other involved Chinese authorities

    • Application fee for CCC
    • Fees for product testing
    • Initial and following inspections
    • Travelling and other costs for the persons auditing your manufacturing facility
    • Fees charged by CNCA to let you print/mark your products with the CCC

    Cost to hire a translator (if needed

    • Salary (paid on an hourly basis, as a fixed fee or included in whole package)
    • Traveling costs
    • Cost for accommodation and relevant expenses incurred during the trip

    The cost to hire a translator is not high in comparison to the total CCC certification. Therefore, I will not cover this cost in this article.

    These costs are often absorbed by your consulting company, as they have personnel working with translation.

    Costs paid to a consulting company

    • Consultations
    • Costs to manage the CCC certification process

    1. CCC Application fee

    The application fee usually cost around USD 150. The fee includes translation of the application.

    2. Fees for CCC product testing

    The cost of product testing differ much depending on what kind of products you want to test. Keep in mind that you need to add the cost of the test samples used.

    Can cost everything between USD 850 – 2500, depending on your products. The critical point is if you need EMC tests, as these are expensive.

    If you don’t know what EMC is, it stands for Electromagnetic Compatibility. An EMC test ensures that your product don’t disturb the function of surrounding components through emission or immunity of electrical waves, that can also lead to physical damage.


    My experience of EMC testing

    When I used to work in the Automotive industry, EMC was the main struggle when negotiating test costs.

    For some lighting products, the test cost can reach all the way up to USD 5000 as EMC applies. Sometimes, the complete testing can cost up to USD 12.000, mainly due to the EMC.

    3. CCC Initial inspection cost (and follow up inspections)

    Can cost between USD 1500 – 3000, depending on your products.

    A more complex product with a more complex production process requires a more thorough factory inspection (and more expertise from the auditors).

    4. Travelling and costs for the auditors

    To let 2 persons audit your factory during 2 days usually cost around USD 7000 (including accommodation and plane tickets).

    5. CCC labeling/marking

    To apply for acceptance to use the CCC marking, you need to add a fee of around USD 120 – 250.

    The stickers usually cost around USD 0.01 – 0.05 each.

    Cost to hire a consulting company

    I assume that you plan to hire a consulting company to manage the CCC certification for you, as this is not an easy task.

    The cost to hire a consulting company differs, depending on what products you want to export. If your product belongs to a more complex category, it will of course take more time to manage the certification process.

    The most common option is to use a consulting company that offers a complete package, handling the complete process.

    Be prepared to add around USD 5000 to let a separate company handle the process for you.

    How long time does it take to get a CCC certificate?

    The time needed to finish the certification differs depending on what products you want to export.

    Your choice of consultant can also have an impact, for example, if they’re not as experienced as other companies, or if they simply don’t have time to prioritize your company.

    Therefore, it’s important that you work with a reliable company that manages the process swiftly.

    In general, the CCC certification takes between 3-5 months, but might require longer time. Be sure to prepare all necessary documents thoroughly and learn about the CCC certification in advance.

    The time can be increased if your products fail during product testing or if you have not provided all documents required.

    Can I do the CCC certification myself?

    You have no legal restrictions to manage the CCC-certification yourself.

    However, my advice is that you contact a professional company that can handle the complete CCC certification for you. These companies are experts in the area with a vast network, often covering both EU and China.

    To manage the complete CCC certification isn’t an easy task, especially if you’re an inexperienced SME owner who haven’t exported to the Chinese market before.

    Don’t forget that a professional company usually has personnel working on-site China and can assist you directly if issues occur.


    CCC certification is generally required for technical products and don’t apply to food and apparels, just giving you two examples.

    The certification process is nothing you do in a week or two. Patience, time and money are needed for exporters who are willing to engage in the Chinese market.

    The costs to get a CCC mark differs, depending on what products you want to export and what consulting company you choose.

    A minimum budget of USD 10.000-15.000 should be assigned to the CCC certification process, but a larger budget might be needed.

    I hope that this article has been helpful to you, but also recommend that you read my complete guide that explains how exporters can get the CCC certification.

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