• List of Hong Kong Company Formation Agents: Top 8 Picks

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    Opening a company in Hong Kong is easy and many foreigners prefer to incorporate here thanks to its low taxes and many business opportunities.

    In this article, we list 8 of the best Hong Kong incorporation service providers. For each company, we provide a short presentation with information about the years in business, services offered, and where they operate.

    1. Sovereign Group

    Sovereign Group was founded in 1987 and is based in Gibraltar. The company offers a wide range of services worldwide, including incorporation, asset management, tax advice, and financing. Their clientele consists of businesses, entrepreneurs, and expatriates.

    Having more than two decades of experience in Hong Kong, Sovereign Group helps companies of various sizes to choose the best and most efficient legal entities, such as:

    • Private Limited Companies
    • Public Limited Companies
    • Hong Kong Company Limited by Guarantee
    • Registration of Foreign Companies

    Sovereign Group is a larger company compared to many of the other companies in this list, making it a reliable partner with a proven track record.


    • Incorporation
    • Tax Advice
    • Asset Management
    • Immigration
    • Payroll Services

    Countries & Regions

    • Asia: Hong Kong, mainland China, Singapore

    Office Address: Suites 1601-1603, Kinwick Centre, 32 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong

    2. LehmanBrown

    LehmanBrown is a China-Focused Accounting Taxation and Business Consulting firm that helps with incorporations in primarily mainland China.

    Having a vast network covering a hundred countries, the clients include everything from start-ups to multinational clients.

    As they focus primarily on the mainland Chinese market, you might find other more suitable service providers in this list if you want to open a company in Hong Kong.


    • Incorporation
    • Audit & Assurance
    • Financial Management
    • Legal Advisory
    • Others

    Countries & Regions

    • Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau

    Office Address: Sino Plaza, 255-257 Gloucester Rd, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

    3. Bridges Executive Centre

    Founded in 2003, Bridges Executive Centre has helped more than 8,000 clients and been in the incorporation business in Hong Kong for more than 10 years. The company offers various services where Hong Kong incorporation is one of its core products.

    Bridges has four different packages, including Basic, Essential, Advanced, and Premier. By opting-in for their services, you’ll access to a one-stop service platform where they help with different business functions and where you can get support.

    It takes two days to set up a ready-made company and ten days for an all-new company.


    • Incorporation
    • Accounting
    • Work-Visa
    • China-Visa
    • Virtual Office
    • Others

    Countries & Regions

    • Hong Kong

    Office Address: 20th Floor, Central Tower, 28 Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong

    4. KorChina

    KorChina was established in 2003 and is a Business Consultancy and Company Register & Management Agency. It’s a subsidiary of the logistics company KorChina Logistics Group, founded in 1994 and with a presence in 52 locations worldwide.

    KorChina has offices in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, Korea, and Taiwan and offers a wide range of services in addition to its incorporation packages.


    • Incorporation (Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and more)
    • Company Management
    • Virtual Office

    Countries & Regions

    • Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, Korea, and Taiwan

    Office Address: Tower2, South Seas Centre, Unit 706, 7F, 75 Mody Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

    5. TMF Group

    TMF Group was established in 1988 in the Netherlands and is one of the biggest players in the industry. The company has more than operates in more than 83 countries, having 125 offices and more than 7,000 employees.

    The TMF Group office in Hong Kong was founded in 1994 and has 300 specialists, helping foreigners with tax structuring, incorporation, and more. They also provide much valuable information and different guides on the websites.


    • Incorporation Services
    • Accounting, Tax, and Trade Services
    • Corporate Secretarial Services
    • HR and Payroll Services
    • Private Clients Services

    Countries & Regions

    • More than 83 countries

    Office Address: Tower Two, Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

    6. GetStarted

    GetStarted is a reputable service provider that has won various awards over the years. On the contrary to many other Hong Kong incorporation companies, it’s not foreign-owned.

    The company claims to have solid connections in the Hong Kong government, OCBC Wing Hang Bank, HK Invest Center, and Big 6 Conference. Over the years, they have expanded impressively and has 83 employees in 4 branches. In 2018, they helped as many as 1,883 clients.


    • Hong Kong Incorporation
    • Off-Shore Company Formation
    • Business Bank Account Opening
    • Secretarial Services
    • Others

    Countries & Regions

    • Canada and Hong Kong

    Office Address: Suite C, Level 7, World Trust Tower, 50 Stanley Street, Central, Hong Kong

    7. SFM

    SFM was founded in Geneva (Switzerland) in 2006 and has more than 15 years of experience of helping foreigners to incorporate in Hong Kong and other countries. It’s a comparably big company with 3 offices and 50 employees.

    They opened their Hong Kong office in 2010 and mainly helps to create onshore and offshore companies in various countries.


    • Company Formation/Dissolution
    • Bank Account Opening
    • Yacht Registration
    • Citizenship by Investment
    • Others

    Countries & Regions

    • UAE, Switzerland, and Seychelles


    Can foreigners start a business in Hong Kong?

    Foreigners have no issues opening companies in Hong Kong and you can own 100% of the business. It’s one of the most preferred places for foreigners to open companies in Asia. Some of the company structures you can open are Limited Liability Companies, Sole Proprietorships, and more.

    How much does it cost to open a company in Hong Kong?

    You should be prepared to set aside HK$ 5,000 to HK$ 10,000. Service providers normally cover government fees as follows:

    • Company Registration fee – HK$1,720
    • Business registration fee – HK$2,000 for a one-year certificate
    • Levy to the Protection of Wages on Insolvency Fund – HK$250 for a one-year certificate

    The required registered capital is usually only HK$10,000, which is comparably low to other countries.

    How long does it take to start a business in Hong Kong?

    According to Hong Kong’s government, online applications are generally processed within just an hour. Offline applications takes around 4 days and for you to see the Certificate of Incorporation and Business Registration Certificate. Having said that, service providers normally need up to 2 weeks to register a company on your behalf.

    Do I have to go to Hong Kong to start a company?

    No, not necessarily. You can apply online if you prefer.

    Do I have to go to Hong Kong to open a bank account?

    Many service providers require that you visit Hong Kong to open a bank account. But, some companies allow you to open bank accounts online and without the need of visiting Hong Kong.

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