• Lazada Seller Center: The Ultimate Guide for Cross-Border Sellers

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    Setting up a store and start selling on Lazada is fairly easy. You won’t need more than a copy of your ID and a business certificate, then you’re ready to go. Worth mentioning is that the setup fees are considerably lower to eCommerce websites in China, for example.

    When selling on Lazada, you are responsible to manage your products in Lazada’s so-called “Seller Center”. This can be a bit tricky, at least for beginners.

    Before you start selling on Lazada, it’s important that you understand how to manage your Seller Center to avoid mistakes that can result in de-listed products, increased returns, and bad customer ratings.

    In this article, I explain what Lazada’s Seller Center is and how you can manage everything from product uploads, product pricing, customer returns, and more.

    Topics covered:

    • What is Lazada Seller Center?
    • What information can I find in Seller Center?
    • How can I upload products to Lazada Seller Center?
    • How can I manage orders in Lazada Seller Center?
    • How can I change product prices in Seller Center?
    • Managing Product Returns in Seller Center

    What is Lazada Seller Center?

    In short, Seller Center is a dashboard integrated in Lazada’s platform where you can upload new products, manage product pricing, orders, deliveries, and customer returns.

    Before you can get access to your Seller Center you need to become an official seller on Lazada and sign all the paperwork needed.

    The Seller Center is fairly easy to navigate, but it can be preferable to have a helping hand in the start, to save time and reduce mistakes.

    As mentioned, it’s easy to get started on Lazada, especially when comparing to many Chinese marketplaces, like Tmall Global. Here, sellers often need to hire so-called Tmall Partners that manage the stores for them continuously.

    You don’t really see what happens behind the curtains. This is not the case for Lazada.

    Selling cross-border on Lazada can require a bit more work, as you’re not relying on a third party that helps you.

    Still, you can avoid the high setup fees and running costs charged by Tmall Partners on a monthly basis, which normally range in the tens of thousands of US dollars. In addition, you won’t be tied up with the Tmall Partner which of course brings a sense of freedom.

    What information can I find in Seller Center?

    Product and order management is just a part of the Seller Center. You can also find plenty of information, keeping you up-to-date, helping you to increase sales, improve customer ratings, and reduce returns.

    Below are some examples of what you can find in the Seller Center.

    Information about promotions

    Lazada will keep you updated about upcoming promotions and other sales opportunities.

    If you use Lazada’s Global Shipping Solution (LGS), which I recommend, you’ll be able to join a number of additional promotions that would otherwise be beyond your reach.


    Seller Center gives you instant access to statistics and data related to sales, customer returns, and more. Look at it like Google Analytics.

    Announcements & News

    You’ll get daily announcements and news about ASEAN eCommerce markets, logistics provider’s schedules, upcoming events, and more.

    Shipping rate cards

    If you use Lazada Global Shipping solution, you’ll have access to the latest shipping rates for each country in ASEAN.

    How can I get access to Lazada Seller Center?

    As mentioned, you can log in to your Seller Center once you’ve become an official seller on Lazada.

    Lazada will provide you a username and password to be used for the log-in. When received, you can simply log in and manage Seller Center.

    How can I upload products in Lazada Seller Center?


    Simply go to ‘Products’ and ‘Add products’ in Seller Center. You can either upload a single product or a bundle of products. If you’re dealing with dozens of SKUs, the second option can be preferable.

    You should include product information, where some examples are:

    • Colours
    • Quantities
    • Prices
    • Promotion dates + special price
    • Package measurements and weights

    A minimum of 1 image should be added, preferably with a high resolution and taken from different angles. Lazada recommends 2-8 images and adding videos can help you to increase sales even more.

    Other recommendations for images include:

    • Using 850 x 850 pixels or more
    • 1 x 1 image ratio
    • The product covers more than 80% the canvas of the longest axis
    • The images have white backgrounds
    • Front view display or a 30 degree angle view of the product
    • The product is professionally photographed (preferably in a studio)
    • The whole product to be shown in the canvas
    • The product has no reflection of people or other objects
    • The product is clean and free from dust or fingerprints
    • The product surface / material close-up is clearly shown
    • Image does not contain watermark, text, logo or graphics

    How can I manage orders in Lazada Seller Center?

    Lazada will send you an email once you receive a new order. You can also see the new orders directly in Seller Center.

    In general, it’s recommended to check Seller Center every 2nd hour, or at least once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once in the evening.

    To find new orders, simply go to Seller Center and:

    • Click on “Orders”, “Manage Orders”, “Pending
    • Process your orders from the earliest date to the latest
    • Process your orders within 24 hours of receipt

    The following steps should be managed within 24 hours after you receive an order:

    • Prepare sales invoice
    • Print selected shipping label
    • Pack products according to Lazada standards
    • Secure printed shipping label
    • Update Seller Center status to “Ready to ship”
    • Wait for your logistics company to pick up the items from your warehouse indicated in Seller Center

    You can also store your products in bulks in Lazada’s warehouse in Hong Kong (managed by Timeslogistics), and they will manage much of the above for you.

    Lazada Global Shipping (LGS), Kobron will be the company that handles the shipping to your customers in ASEAN. Ninjavan will handle the last mile deliveries in all countries.

    How can I change product prices in Seller Center?

    First of all, you should deactivate your product in Seller Center, once you discover that the pricing is wrong.

    The process is like follows:

    • Change SKU status to “Inactive”
    • Update with correct price
    • Contact HKPSC about the update
    • Change stock to “0” and activate the SKU again
    • Check status in Seller Center
    • Sell your SKUs with the new correct pricing

    You have two options when updating prices in Lazada. You can either update the prices, one by one or do a mass upload. The first option is easier, but the second one is preferred if you’re dealing with dozens of SKUs.

    Mass updating prices in Seller Center

    If you want to mass update prices, you should follow the below steps:

    • Click on “Import products” under the “Product” tab
    • Download the file “Price update”
    • Update the information in the file and save it in CSV-format
    • Set the Import Mode to “Update products” and upload the .csv file

    Updating the prices in the excel file can be a bit tricky and I highly recommend you to watch Lazada’s tutorial on YouTube, that explains it more in detail.

    Other important information about product pricing

    • The prices shall include Lazada commission, shipping fees, and payment fees
    • For sales prices, the discount rate cannot be higher than 80%
    • When inputting a sales price, you must include a start date and end date
    • Don’t forget to input the inventory reserved for Lazada

    How can I manage product returns in Lazada Seller Center?


    Before you can start to manage returns, you need to register with Timeslogistics’ return system. Simply click on the link received and follow the registration process.

    After, input the following information so that Lazada can return the products to you:

    • Address for returned items
    • Company address/Company name/Contact person

    When the following steps are done, you’re able to manage returned products from customers. All the returned orders are managed under the tab called “My Return Order” in Seller Center.

    The returned orders will be shown with two different codes: either CR (Customer Return) or FD (Failed Delivery).

    Also, keep in mind that Lazada uses a rerouting process for customer returns. Simply put, the products will be kept in a local cross-border venture for up to 4 weeks, before the products are sent back to Lazada’s sortation center in Hong Kong.

    If the products are sent back to the sortation center, you need to pick up the products within 15 days from the inbound date.

    How can I pick up returned items?

    It’s easy to manage returns on Lazada, even for cross-border sellers. The process goes like follows when picking up returned products at Lazada’s sortation center in Hong Kong:

    • Go to Times Logistics Return System > Seller Center > My Self-Pick Booking
    • Click on the “Book for Self Pick” button, 24 hours before visiting the sortation center. You should send an email to the contact persons that manage returns at Lazada
    • Visit the sortation enter and pick up the items within 15 business days

    Keep in mind that Lazada can dispose of your product without any prior notification. Thus, it’s important to manage your returns seriously.

    What is order volume limit (OVL)?

    The order volume limit is a cap set to the number of orders you can receive in a single day. Once you reach the limit, your products are no longer shown on the buyer site.

    You can be subject to the OVL if you have high cancellation rates, many pending orders, a low ship-on-time (SOT), or if you’re responsive to Lazada or the customers, for example.

    Below are solutions to the different issues mentioned.

    1. Removing OVL due to high cancellation rates

    To remove OVL here, you should assure that prices are correct, you have products in inventory. You can thereby improve your fulfillment performance and reduce cancellations.

    2. Removing OVL due to many pending orders/long shipping time

    Assure that you have a sufficient amount of products in inventory, prioritize orders, and optimize pick and pack processes. This will help to improve your fulfillment performance.

    3. Unresponsive sellers to customers/Lazada

    Contact Lazada/customers and try to resolve any existing issues in a good manner. This can help to remove the OVL due to unresponsiveness.

    For any issues, I recommend you to contact Lazada at a start to find out what the best solutions are to move forward.

    What is ship-on-time?

    Ship-on-time (SOT) is a measurement to show how sellers meet the agreed delivery requirements.

    The ship-on-time is calculated as follows:

    SOT = (Items shipped within a service-level-agreement period) / (Items Order – Buyer Cancelled Order)

    It’s important to meet the SOT requirements to avoid any issues. The SOT affects everything from your search visibility, ranking, flash-sale eligibility, campaign eligibility, and more.

    What is LazMall?

    LazMall is a premium version where they assure 100% authentic products and with swift product returns. Selling on LazMall offers plenty of benefits and where the most outspoken ones are:

    • You get a LazMall badge, showing that you’re a credible shop
    • You’re included in the brand dedicated channel on Lazada
    • You get a higher search ranking and visibility on the site
    • Exclusive access to marketing solutions

    Cross-border sellers use LazGlobal, on the other hand, which is not part of LazMall. On Lazada Singapore, you can also get access to Taobao.com as shown on the website.

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    1. blue at 7:15 pm

      Did I understand it correctly that Lazada requires a minimum of 50 unique items before you sell as a “Cross-border seller”?

      http://www.lazada.com/sell . “To get you online and selling, the minimum listing is 50 SKUs that pass through the Lazada Quality Control process”

      1. Marcus Sohlberg at 7:06 am

        No, for cross-border sales it’s done on a case-to-case basis.

    2. blue at 7:37 pm

      Is “Payoneer” available to Lazada local seller? Or only to “cross-border” sellers?

      1. Marcus Sohlberg at 6:08 am

        As far as I know – no, but recommend you to contact Lazada directly to confirm this for the specific country you plan to sell in.

        1. Richardson at 8:50 am

          If my products are in China and i have incorporated in HK to register as cross-border Lazada seller. Which sortation center should i use? China or HK

    3. John at 10:27 pm

      Can I create an account using Lazada Hong Kong to do cross border but work with the local Lazada Malaysia – Fulfilment by Lazada?

    4. Tanya at 9:06 am

      Hi. I have got Lazada account as a local seller in Thailand. Can I change to be a cross-border seller? How? Do I need to create a new account that based outside Thailand? Thanks.

    5. Andrew at 2:36 am

      I’m from malaysia, i can’t sign up as lazglobal seller because there’s no Malaysia in “shop based in” dropdown list.

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