• Top Selling Products on Lazada: The Ultimate Guide

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    Lazada offers millions of products to sellers all over ASEAN. Once you go to the websites, you’re blasted with promotions and flash sales opportunities.

    I know, they want you to get into that shopping mode we’ve all experienced in big malls, for example.

    Selling on Lazada can be lucrative if you sell the right products, offer good quality, and deliver on time.

    Thus, many people wonder what the most popular products are on Lazada and how the trend will look like in the coming years.

    In this article, I explain which products that are top sellers on Lazada in Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, and Indonesia.

    1. Best selling products on Lazada Malaysia

    Malaysia has really embraced E-Commerce and where Lazada is the most popular marketplace at the moment. The trend is similar as in China where mum & baby products, electronics, clothes & accessories, and groceries are in high demand.

    Surprisingly, diapers was the most popular product in 2018 and up to 5% of all diapers are bought on Lazada in Malaysia.

    When it comes to electronics, USB drives, power banks, smart phones, tablets, laptops, and even flat screen TVs are popular among the Malaysians.

    You’ll also find many buyers of home products, like kitchen utilities and furnitures as a top category.

    Apparel and fashion products like bags, sunglasses, sports & outdoor products are also in a high demand.

    2. Best selling products on Lazada Philippines

    Philippines is going through a digital transformation and is one of the fastest growing countries in Asia at the moment.

    With promising demographics, having a young and growing population, and increased mobile penetration, Philippines will see a big growth in E-Commerce in the coming decade.

    So what products are in demand?

    Looking at the best selling products during the 11/11 event in 2018, clothing products like shawls, make-up pouches, and socks sold in high numbers.

    Worth mentioning is that people in the Philippines tend to like Korean products.

    Other products that sell well include cosmetic products like skin care and skin whitening, kitchen appliances and kitchenware, mum & baby products such as diapers, and more.

    Electronic products like tablets and smartphones are popular as well.

    3. Best selling products on Lazada Thailand

    Thailand is the second richest country in Southeast Asia and where E-Commerce will grow rapidly. Only Indonesia is predicted to outperform Thailand.

    Thais love to use their cell phones when chatting and buying stuff online. The mobile usage is high in comparison with some other regional countries and almost at 85%.

    So what kind of products are in demand in Thailand and what’s the trend?

    First, electronics and media have been by far the most popular products. Some examples are books, games, computers, tablets, smartphones, and more.

    Second out is toys, DIY and hobbies. The demand of these kind of products is set to grow much by 2022.

    The same as it goes in other countries, fashion and beauty are always popular when it comes to E-Commerce. It’s the most competitive and fastest growing segment in Thailand, so there are many opportunities for cross-border sellers.

    Furniture and appliances is expected to grow a lot.

    And not to forget, food and personal care. Products like food, beverages, and medical products is part of the smallest segment. Still, it’s predicted to grow some of the most and with 16% by 2022.

    4. Best selling products on Lazada Singapore

    Singapore is a tech savvy nation and it’s not strange why Lazada is actually based here.

    The credit card usage and online penetration can’t be higher, at the same time as E-Commerce is becoming a big thing.

    Electronic products like tablets, game consoles, and Kindles are in high demand.

    Fashion products like dresses, bags, and watches are also highly welcomed.

    5. Best selling products on Lazada Indonesia

    Indonesia is predicted to see the biggest growth in E-Commerce in the coming decade.

    Being the richest and biggest country in terms of population in Southeast Asia, the increasing mobile penetration will help Indonesia to see a massive growth.

    Indonesians like accessories like sunglasses and necklaces, at the same time as automotive parts and gadgets are popular.

    Fashion and cosmetic products like clothes, bags, and make-up also become increasingly popular.

    6. Best selling products on Lazada Vietnam

    Vietnam is growing with a similar pace as the Philippines and is becoming a new manufacturing hub. With favourable demographics, a young growing population that’s becoming wealthier, E-Commerce will grow a lot.

    The most popular products, at the moment, are electronic products and gadgets. Some examples are speakers, phones, tablets, washing machines, cameras, and more.

    Health & beauty is also a big thing, at the same time as we see more purchases of clothes.

    I hope that you found this article useful and recommend you to read my separate guide that explains about prohibited products when selling cross-border on Lazada.

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