How to Sell on Shopee: A Complete Guide for Cross-Border Sellers

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The Southeast Asian E-Commerce market has transformed completely in the past years and will continue to grow in the coming decade. Previously, Lazada used to dominate most of the E-Commerce markets, but we’ve seen more contenders popping up over the years.

One of the biggest and fastest growing marketplaces is undoubtedly Shopee. Selling here is comparably easy and there are a number of benefits that follow.

Therefore, I’ve written this article where you’ll learn the following:

  • What is Shopee?
  • Shopee market share
  • In which countries is Shopee available?
  • Why should I sell on Shopee?
  • Cash on delivery (COD) and other payment options
  • Shopee seller fees
  • Order fulfillment options

What is Shopee?

Shopee was founded in Singapore as late as 2015 and has grown very fast since. Currently, it’s one of the biggest E-Commerce marketplaces in Southeast Asia and fights head to head with Lazada to become Southeast Asia’s number one E-Commerce website.

In fact, it’s even surpassed Lazada in terms of active users and mobile app downloads in some Southeast Asian countries.

That’s not the easiest task on hand as Lazada is owned by Alibaba Group, backed by billions of dollars and started out several years earlier.

By excluding commissions and listing fees towards seller, Shopee managed to build one of the regions biggest brand names. Yet, this will inevitably change in the future and for Shopee to bring in more revenue.

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  • Selling on Tmall & Lazada
  • Logistics & fulfillment options
  • Payment gateways
  • Incorporation & trademarks


Shopee started as a C2C website

Worth mentioning is that Shopee started as a C2C website and later evolved to become a hybrid between C2C and B2C. It’s an asset-light website by comparison, and as mentioned, they don’t charge any commissions to sellers.

Another major difference between Shopee and Lazada is that its mother company, Sea Group, is headquartered in Singapore. Lazada, on the other hand, is owned by Alibaba Group, which is headquartered in China.

As such, you’ll notice that Lazada is more China focused in the sense that a great majority of products are distributed directly from sellers within (Southern) China.

Still, Tencent, which is one of the biggest companies in China and has 20% of the shares in Jingdong (JD), also holds almost 40% of the shares in Shopee.

It’s evident that Alibaba and Tencent are not only waging an E-Commerce war within the borders of China, but do their utmost to grasp as many market shares in Southeast Asia as possible.

In which countries is Shopee available?

Shopee started out in a couple of countries, but is now available in most of the ASEAN countries, Taiwan and also in Korea:

  • Singapore (
  • Malaysia (
  • Thailand (
  • Vietnam (
  • Indonesia (
  • Philippines (
  • Taiwan (
  • Korea (

Selling cross-border on Shopee will give you access to some of the most developed but also some of the fastest growing countries in Asia.

How big is Shopee in Asia?

As mentioned, Lazada used to dominate the E-Commerce markets in Southeast Asia some years back, but there’s been major changes since. A number of new platforms have popped up and in the following platforms had the most visits by countries in Q1 2019:



  • Lazada
  • Shopee
  • LeLong
  • 11 Street


  • Lazada
  • Shopee
  • Zalora
  • Argomall


  • Lazada
  • Shopee
  • Chilindo
  • NBS


  • Shopee
  • Tiki
  • Lazada
  • Thegioididong


  • Qoo10
  • Lazada
  • Shopee
  • Strawberrynet

Why should I sell on Shopee?

Shopee is one of the biggest E-Commerce platforms in Southeast Asia, which is in turn one of the fastest growing markets in the world. The website has much financial backing and predicted to remain a top player in the coming years.


I also want to mention that selling on Shopee doesn’t mean that you can’t sell on Lazada, or any other websites for that matter. But it can make sense to start with one website at a time, in a controlled manner.

So what are the benefits of selling on Shopee?

First of all, it’s unique in the sense that sellers don’t pay any commissions to the platform, which is kind of amazing.

Compared that to Lazada, where you need to pay a commission of 2% – 8% for each sale made. In addition, sellers and buyers can enjoy free shipping, where the regulations differ by countries.

So does this mean that Shopee doesn’t claim any fees at all? No.

Shopee earns money from paid advertising that’s available among sellers on the website. In addition, they’ve started to charge a transaction fee which is generally 1.5%.

Yet this is minuscule compared to the fees charged on Lazada and other platforms.

How can I get paid on Shopee?

The payment options differ by countries. For example, buyers in Singapore and Thailand can only pay by debit card, credit card or by bank transfer. Cash on Delivery isn’t available in any of these countries.

In the Philippines and Taiwan, on the other hand, customers have the option to choose between the following payment options:

  • Online banking transfer
  • ATM transfer
  • Credit card payment
  • Debit card payment
  • Over-the-counter payments
  • Cash on Delivery (COD)

So how can sellers move funds out of these countries?

Cross-border sellers can withdraw money in two ways: by bank transfer or by integrating the Shopee store with Payoneer, which I’ve described in my separate article about payment methods on Lazada.

Payments are generally made bi-weekly from Shopee to Payoneer and in the beginning and the middle of each month.

How can I register with Payoneer on Shopee?

It’s easy to register with Payoneer and the steps are as follows:

  • Log in to your Shopee store and click on “My Wallet”
  • Click on “Register” and visit Payoneer’s website
  • Fill in the Registration information
  • Select “I have Payoneer”, if you have an existing account
  • Check that your Shopee store shows Payoneer as “Activated”
  • Log in to Payoneer and input your bank account details

Managing fulfillment and shipping on Shopee

Selling cross-border across continents requires that you have a robust fulfillment and shipping solution in place. When selling on Shopee, there are two different solutions available:

  • Using Shopee’s own service – Fulfillment By Shopee (FBS)
  • Work with a 3rd party fulfillment center

a. Fulfillment By Shopee

Fulfilled By Shopee (FBS) is only available to top brands, distributors and key sellers with high sales volumes and lack fulfillment capabilities. As such, not everyone can sign up for the program and you can be accepted by invitation only.

Using FBS is a preferred choice among many sellers as Shopee takes care of everything from order inbound, quality inspection, storage, pick & pack, shipping, returns and refunds.

Yet due to the mentioned restrictions, you often need to manage the fulfillment and shipping on your own, at least at the start.

This is different to Lazada, where you’re almost forced to use their own in-house fulfillment model nowadays, Fulfillment By Lazada (FBL).

b. ASEAN Fulfillment

If you can’t opt-on for Shopee’s own fulfillment services, you can manage your fulfillment operations with the help of a 3rd party. Easyship is one example, an established fulfillment company located in Hong Kong.

There are plenty of established fulfillment centers around Southeast Asia that can help you to successfully sell your products on various marketplaces, including Shopee.


Below I’ve listed some frequently asked questions and my replies. If you have any other questions, feel free to send us an email or drop a comment below!

How does Shopee make money?

As mentioned above, Shopee makes revenues from sellers advertising and transaction fees.

Is it free to sell on Shopee?

Selling on Shopee is free, unless you want to be listed on Shopee Mall. Then you need to pay a USD 315 fee to register your business with the ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority) in Singapore.

How do you become a preferred seller on Shopee?

Sellers who sell genuine quality products with competitive prices and have great seller ratings and customer satisfaction can be become Preferred Sellers only.

It’s by invitation only and you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Monthly new orders = Min. 75
  • Unique buyers per month = Min. 35
  • Chat response rate (cumulative) = Min. 70%
  • Shop rating (cumulative) = Min. 4.6
  • Penalty points = 0 in the current quarter
  • Products = 100% authentic, no counterfeit products
  • Ready stock = 95%

On top of the above mentioned requirements, you shall comply with Shopee’s requirements and follow the guidelines stipulated. Keep in mind that the Shopee teams select Preferred Sellers and make sure that you follow the guidelines strictly.

Can I dropship on Shopee?

Officially, Shopee doesn’t support or encourage drop shipping.

Still, you’re capable to dropship products with the help of different service providers.

Is Lazada and Shopee the same company?

No, Lazada is owned by Alibaba Group, which is headquartered in Hangzhou, China. Shopee, on the other hand, is owned by Sea Group, which is headquartered in Singapore.

Is Shopee C2C or B2C?

Shopee is a hybrid of C2C and B2C. Previously, it was only used for C2C but has evolved and become a B2C platform as well.

How do I get free shipping on Shopee?

You’re able to opt-in for free shipping by simply having a valid Pickup Address. You’ll then receive a notification in the application within 7 days showing how you can activate Free Shipping.

The clients then need to:

  • Click on Free Shipping. Tap on ‘Get Voucher’ to get Free Shipping Vouchers
  • Tap on ‘View Voucher’ to go to ‘My Vouchers’ where you can view the claimed Free Shipping Vouchers
  • Under ‘My Vouchers’ you can view all your saved free shipping vouchers

What are the prohibited products on Shopee?

It differs, depending on in which country you sell the products.

Products that are in accordance with a country’s laws and governmental organizations can be sold. Generally, you cannot sell any of the following products in any of the countries:

  • Animal and wildlife products (including, without limitation, wild animals)
  • Artifacts and antiquities
  • Used cosmetics
  • Counterfeit currency and stamps
  • Credit and debit cards
  • Currency or credits including, without limitation, digital currency or credits, and stored value cards
  • Drugs, medicines (prescribed or non-prescribed) and drug-like substances
  • Embargoed goods
  • Firearms, weapons, replicas, and stun guns, and more
  • Alcohol [Valid license to be submitted and approved by Shopee]

I recommend you to visit this article which explains more about the prohibited products on Shopee Singapore.

  • (USA & EU)

    Free Webinar: How to Sell Online To China & Southeast Asia

    • Selling on Tmall & Lazada
    • Logistics & fulfillment options
    • Payment gateways
    • Incorporation & trademarks


    Disclaimer: The content on this website is provided for general information about exporting products to Asia, e-commerce platforms, logistics, regulations, taxes, and other related topics. However, we don't guarantee that we keep the content up to date or that it's free from error. We do make mistakes from time to time. We never provide legal advice of any sort.
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    1. John at 6:28 pm

      Expect new posts about shopee

      1. Marcus Sohlberg at 2:33 am

        Sure, more will come soon!

    2. Thomas at 6:53 am

      Hi Marcus, thanks for the helpful post!

      Does Shopee support Cash on Delivery for cross-border sellers, as Lazada does? Can B2C sellers integrate and be paid through Payoneer instead of through the usual method of being paid into Shopee Wallet and then withdrawing into an attached bank account?

      1. Marcus Sohlberg at 1:17 pm

        Hi Thomas,

        Cash on Delivery: It depends where you’re located and to which country you want to sell. For example, DHL eCommerce now gives China sellers the opportunity to offer Cash on Delivery for buyers in Thailand. I recommend you to contact Shopee directly for more detailed information. Keep in mind that Shopee doesn’t offer Cash on Delivery in several ASEAN countries.

        I’m not sure if I understood the second question correctly but yes, Shopee supports Payoneer for cross-border sellers.

    3. Amanda at 3:06 am

      To be corrected: Jingdong(JD) is not owned by Tencent

      1. Marcus Sohlberg at 12:03 pm

        Good point, even if Tencent now has 20% of the shares in JD.

    4. blue at 2:18 am

      I just talked to Shopee Philippines, they say they don’t support Payoneer :-(

      1. Marcus Sohlberg at 5:47 am

        Did you ask specifically for cross-border sales? Which service providers did they confirm available?

      2. Moisés Mitsuo itaya at 1:18 am

        good morning i wanted to know about shopee, i live in japan i can buy products from the site i can’t help me

    5. Fiore at 10:46 am

      Hi, where do you sign up as a cross-border seller? I can’t find a site where global sellers can sign up. Instead, I’m left with sites for each country.


      1. Marcus Sohlberg at 5:51 am

        You need to fill in the following survey:

        The application result will be decided by Shopee’s Cross Border Team. If you are shortlisted, they will contact you directly.

        1. Sheron at 3:51 pm

          Im planning to do selling business in shopee but I’m from USA .Can I sell my product in shopee Philippines?

      2. Myra Orpilla at 8:02 pm

        If a seller is a residents of Europe but from Philippines.wiill that be possible to use the app in EU

    6. Jenny at 11:53 pm

      Is the survey link above for shopee’s platform of all countries (including Philippines)?

      1. Marcus Sohlberg at 12:27 pm

        Yes, should include Philippines.

    7. Louie Esteban at 8:48 am

      Hi, just asking. is there any way to sell on shopee base in Philippines but pick up adress is China? any help?

      1. leigh at 12:32 pm

        Louie waiting for an answer to your question too..

      2. Marcus Sohlberg at 7:41 am

        You can read this article about how it works when shipping and fulfilling products in Shopee:

        But why do you want to sell locally in the Philippines and have the pick-up address in China?

        1. surefirenow at 11:59 am

          me too.. i’m locally malaysian and sell on shopee but most item i deal from china seller.. so that i nees the oick up adress in china too.

          1. Mary at 4:26 am

            Hi, I am Mary, We can help you shipping from China to Malaysia and fulfilled in Malaysia before Shopee pick up your products.
            Kindly contact me via Whatsapp/ Telegram: +84941476345

    8. Richard at 5:39 pm

      what are the requirements to be a cross-border seller in Shopee

    9. Jason at 1:51 pm

      hi,i am chinese,but we have to pay more than 6% to Shopee,I want to register as a local seller in Malaysia.but i don’t know how to I don’t know how to recover sales price ,could you help me

      1. myaw at 11:54 am

        Hello. Can i get your contact? Maybe you want to sell in indonesia

      2. me at 3:17 pm

        it is same like local, we also been charge about 10% to sale in malaysia shopee

    10. Rochelle at 9:24 am

      Hi, I am from Philippines but currently working in Oman. I have an existing shopee seller account in Philippines but i stop when i decided to work overseas. Can anyone help me on how can i sell again but this time i am targeting to sell in Shopee Malaysia. Is it possible?
      Thanks a lot.

    11. Mary at 4:33 am

      Hi, If our product was manufactured in Thailand, I want to register an account on shopee Indonesia, Which step I have to follow and May our products need to get registered?

      1. Khiny at 5:55 am

        Hi mary! Have u found any sulution for this yet?
        If yes can u share it with me?
        We have also product manufactured in thailand and want to sell it in philippines and other countries but looking for a better way at this time. Salamat

    12. skepticalrob at 7:22 am

      How do PH shopee sellers get paid when buyers pay thru online banking or other means except COD? Does Shopee Singapore send the funds to the sellers, net of transaction fee, thru the registered bank account, or will it be coming from Shopee PH? To whom should the seller make a follow up on the payment? Thank you!

    13. Ainul at 6:06 pm

      Hi,,i from indonesia.
      How to step if i want sell product from china to indo.

      1. Marcus Sohlberg at 11:58 am

        This is quite a broad and general question and nothing I can cover in a comment reply, unfortunately.

    14. Kate at 11:09 am

      Is it possible to sell in Shopee from Japan items to the Philippines?

      1. Marcus Sohlberg at 11:58 am

        Yes, that is possible.

    15. Christine Lovelle Celestial at 7:21 am

      How to sell a book in shopee? My secondhand book was removed because I input the wrong category for it. My book’s title was computer Systems Servicing 1 and I put it in the category Computer then > others because there wasn’t a category for a book. Please help me, because I don’t know where to find it, and even if I searched it in the internet there’s no tips to be found.

    16. John at 11:23 pm

      Hi ,

      Nice article helpful!

      Can you actually help me sell there ?
      I am trying from previous summer to set up the fullfiment companies and sellers ,

      Id love to sell there,

      If you like to give me a bit more insight it would be great +306979251784 is my whats app number.


      1. Marcus Sohlberg at 11:59 am

        Hi John, we don’t set up and run the Shopee stores but work with partners that do. We provide consultancy, research, and help our clients (primarily SMEs) to move in the right direction.

    17. Fazli at 6:07 am

      Hi, how to sell in Shopee, outside of current country such Malaysia to Singapore,Thailand coz current laws need use local phone number n bank acc. Tq

    18. Seller Dz at 7:11 am

      am from malaysia , anyone here need help to buy from malaysia , if you want to buy cheap electronic things ( computer parts ).i will give good price.

    19. Randolf at 1:46 pm

      Just for Info!!! Thailand has COD too!!! :-)

      1. Marcus Sohlberg at 12:28 pm

        Sounds great!

    20. Mari at 11:37 am

      I am from Philippines. I would like to do dropshipping using the market platform of Lazada and/ or shopee. The products will be coming from china but shopee philippines won’t allow such. Do you have any alternative recommendation to do this? Should I register as global/ international seller? Thank you in advance

      1. Marcus Sohlberg at 12:00 pm

        Hi Mari, unfortunately, I don’t have this info on hand at the moment. I know that there are companies like Chinabrands which help with dropshipping.

    21. Stefany Franco Chajin at 1:26 am

      Hi, Is there any possibility to buy anything from shopee if I live in Europe? I am really interested in their products.
      Thank you.

    22. Tom Smeets at 7:25 am

      Hi, i am from the Netherlands. I want to setup shop with shopee. I already have a contact who can ship from Singapore. Is this possible?
      Also I would like to sell on Ali Express. Is this even possible as a Dutch citizen. I cannot seem to sell from here on Ali, only people from France and Spain for some reason.

    23. Neo at 3:44 am

      Hello, I am from Thailand and do you have any idea how to becoming Shopee International Platform (SIP)? I already contacted to Shopee Thailand and they don’t anything about it.

    24. Laika Baytan at 12:04 pm

      This is helpful thank you! But I would like to know if the Shopee International Platform (SIP) is available in the Philippines? It would seem like there’s no such thing here yet unfortunately but It would be nice if it was.

    25. mars vergara at 4:06 am

      is there a privillage to a local sellers in Philippines to broadcast their shopee store in other countries that has shopee facility?

    26. Franziska at 8:36 am

      Is it correct that I can only become a crossboder seller on Shopee, if I offer more than 100 differents products?

    27. Mhelen at 5:44 am

      Hi! i am a shopee seller here in Philippines, but soon i will be moving to Singapore.
      Can i still use my app ( can i still sell in PH?) via Shopee PH app even my location is Singapore?
      Will i encounter and issue?

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      I’m a seller in Shopee Malaysia, can I sell in my products in Singapore?

    29. christine at 12:21 am

      Hi! I would like to know if i can sell to a targeted country only and not in my home country?

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