Hong Kong Market Entry Guide: An Overview

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Hong Kong’s eCommerce market is less frequently talked about than mainland China’s. It’s not strange as the latter one has great growth potentials and a population that is around 200 times larger.

Yet thanks to its business-friendly environment with no import duties, VAT, along with a strong purchasing power, exporters should not neglect Hong Kong.

The city is often used as a logistics hub for cross-border sales, and why not profit from the local market if the chance is there.

In this article, we review the most important topics when selling in the Hong Kong eCommerce market

Topics covered:

  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Vietnam Market Entry Obstacles
  • Market Entry Research
  • Incorporation

Market Entry Strategy

Market entries don’t come in one format but can mean an array of things. While some companies just want to conduct market research or test the market, other brands have great ambitions to claim local market shares and establish a strong brand presence. Continue reading Hong Kong Market Entry Guide: An Overview