Indonesia Market Entry Guide: An Overview

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Indonesia is the biggest country in Southeast Asia, both in terms of population and GDP output.

With increasing urbanization, digitization, and disposable incomes, it’s predicted to become the leading force in ASEAN, accumulating many investments.

Compared to countries such as Singapore and China, the eCommerce market is still comparatively under-developed.

This leaves room for expansion, but also challenges related to product regulations, taxation, and incorporation, just to mention a few.

To give you a helping hand, we have written this guide where we explain the key information if you plan to enter the Indonesian eCommerce market.

Topics covered:

  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Indonesia Market Entry Obstacles
  • Market Entry Research
  • Incorporation

Market Entry Strategy

Entering a new market requires both time and finances. There are different levels of market entry strategies, depending on your level of commitment and sales goals. While some brands just want to dip their toes and take on a simpler approach, others have caster plans. Continue reading Indonesia Market Entry Guide: An Overview