Korea Market Entry Guide: An Introduction

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Korea has a developed eCommerce market and attracts more attention from overseas sellers. Having a healthy population growth and a promising economic outlook, the Korean population shows an increased appetite for foreign brands.

Doing business in Korea is transparent, even if some complain about bureaucratic red tape.

Having said that, the market is also competitive and it’s crucial that you perform market analysis beforehand. In this article, I cover the main topics and review what you should consider if you plan for a Korean market entry.

Topics covered:

  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Korea Market Entry Obstacles
  • Market Entry Research
  • Incorporation

Market Entry Strategy

Entering a new market requires thorough research and sometimes initial branding activities are needed.

Besides, the sales channels you choose affect the market entry strategy. As a result, market entry strategies can be divided into different segments, depending on your goals and level of commitment. Continue reading Korea Market Entry Guide: An Introduction