Top eCommerce Websites in Thailand: An Overview

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Thailand’s eCommerce market is set to grow much in the coming years and will only be behind Indonesia’s. Everything from cosmetics, food & beverages, clothes, and DIY products is in high demand here.

Over the years, we’ve also seen many eCommerce companies entering the market.

In this article, we review the most popular eCommerce marketplaces in Thailand. We review their unique features and why these sites have managed to become leading forces in the market.

1. Shopee

Shopee is the biggest eCommerce platform in Southeast Asia in terms of monthly users. Originally founded in 2015, the marketplace has gained much traction thanks to its competitive shipping services.

The benefits of using Shopee are also the many discounts and free shipping all over Thailand. Continue reading Top eCommerce Websites in Thailand: An Overview

Thailand Market Entry Guide: An Overview

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Thailand’s eCommerce market is growing at a rapid pace and increasingly more foreign brands want to enter the market. Along with digitization and urbanization, the rise of its eCommerce market has been prevalent recently.

Entering the market can be challenging though, especially if you have no or limited experience of doing business here. In this article, we explain the basics and what you must pay attention to when entering the Thai market.

Topics covered:

  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Thailand Market Obstacles
  • Market Entry Research
  • Incorporation

Continue reading Thailand Market Entry Guide: An Overview