How much does this service cost?

Please book a free consultation to receive a free quotation.

What happens if you fail to open a Lazada account?

Then we will refund you in full.

Why should I sell products on Lazada? 

South East Asia is currently the fastest growing eCommerce market in the world. Yes, it’s actually growing faster than Mainland China. Thanks to Lazada, companies worldwide can start selling products all across the ASEAN nations, from one platform. 

How do we deliver products to our customers?

You can ship bulk (e.g. 500 pcs) from where each unit is shipped individually via Lazadas fulfillment center. Hence, you don't need your own warehouse in Asia.

Do I need to setup a company in Asia?

Not necessarily, but we can introduce you to company incorporaton agencies in Hong Kong S.A.R and Singapore. You can then use this entity to register your Lazada Seller Account.  

How do I manage cross-border returns? 

Lazada takes care of that for you. Assuming you intend to ship your products via the sorting center in Hong Kong, all returns will go back there. As mentioned, you don’t need to pay import duties in Hong Kong, making it an ideal corporate and logistics hub for all cross-border sellers.  

Are any products prohibited for selling on Lazada? 

Yes, there are several restricted items: 

a. Fake products b. Second-hand products c. Certain types of religious or political items d. Liquid items over 20 cl e. Items larger than 300 cm (L + W + H) 

In short, Lazada wants you to sell brand new products, that fit inside a parcel. It’s not the right marketplace for vintage dresses or bedroom furniture. 

Can you guarantee that we succeed in selling products on Lazada? We help you with the setup of your Lazada store. However, we cannot project sales forecasts or guarantee certain levels of sales.